Episode 3

The Re-Read: Laura Kay and Danielle Wood (Minnie Darke)

We're switching things up for Season 9: Welcome to The Re-Read. In this mini-season, we check in with a selection of past guests to find out what they've been working on. Expect lots of books, some babies and plenty of chat.

This season works a little differently, without book recommendations from us at the start of each episode. But we promise you'll still get plenty of books added to your TBR!

Interview 1: Laura Kay

Laura Kay is a journalist and editor. She has an MA in American History from the University of Sheffield, and now lives in London with her wife and cat. In 2018, Laura was selected as one of the 10 PRH WriteNow mentees. We first spoke to her about her debut, The Split and we're delighted to have her on the podcast again to chat about her second novel, Tell Me Everything.

Listen to our previous chat with Laura here.

Follow Laura on Instagram @lauraekay

In this interview, we chat about:

  • Writing therapy scenes and internal monologues in the book
  • The cover design for Tell Me Everything
  • Publishing queer rom-coms and finding mainstream shelf space
  • Being able to celebrate the book release out of lockdown
  • What Laura's working on now

Tell Me Everything is available now.

Interview 2: Danielle Wood (Minnie Darke)

Danielle Wood or Minnie Darke? Our guest goes by a few names, but we just called her Danielle. We first spoke to Danielle about the publication of Star Crossed in 2019. This time, she's chatting about her new book With Love from Wish and Co.

Listen to our previous chat with Danielle here.

You can follow Danielle as Minnie on Instagram @minniedarke

In this interview, we chat about:

  • What it was like to have a book come out in March 2020 and choosing whether to include Covid in the new book
  • Professional gift buying and how it inspired With Love from Wish and Co
  • The bonding of gift giving
  • The experience of writing an audiobook novella (Wild Apples, coming soon)
  • What it's like being a writer with more than one persona, and the benefits of marketing as two separate authors

With Love from Wish and Co is available now.

Books and other things mentioned

  • Freaky Friday (film)
  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (TV series)
  • No Hard Feelings by Genevieve Novak
  • Schitt's Creek (TV series)
  • Double Booked by Lily Lindon
  • Welcome to Your Life by Bethany Rutter

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