Episode 11

Our 2023 favourites

Welcome to our favourite episode: the yearly wrap! We're sharing our reading stats, 2024 goals and the books, TV, film and audio we loved in 2023.

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We're keeping recommendations brief. If we've featured or discussed the book before, we'll link to the episode.

Any PR/review copies marked with *

We kick off with a wrap-up of our reading stats for the year: how many books and pages, the moods and re-reads.

Our awards category of favourite books kicks off at 21:00

2023 debut book

Caitlin: One Day We’re All Going To Die by Elise Esther Hearst* (our interview)

Michelle: In Memoriam by Alice Winn


Caitlin: The House that Joy Built by Holly Ringland*

Michelle: Say Nothing by Patrick Radden Keefe

By someone who has never been a podcast guest

Caitlin: After the Forest by Kell Woods*

Michelle: The Rachel Incident by Caroline O'Donohue

Australian fiction

Caitlin: Lola in the Mirror by Trent Dalton*

Michelle: Duck a l’Orange for Breakfast by Karina May* (our interview)


Caitlin: Bound to Happen by Jonathon Shannon* (our interview)

Michelle: Wild Things by Laura Kay

Honourable mention: The Wake Up Call by Beth O'Leary

General fiction

Caitlin: One Love by Matt Cain* (our interview)

Michelle: Playing Games by Huma Qureshi* (our interview)

Young adult

Caitlin: Two Can Play That Game by Leanne Yong* (our interview)

Michelle: Little Bang by Kelly McCaughrain*

Honourable mention: Happy Head by Josh Silver (our interview)

Most surprising

Caitlin: West Side Honey by Claire Christian* (our interview)

Michelle: Wrong Place Wrong Time by Gillian McAllister

Fave Cover

Caitlin: Yellowface by Rebecca Kuang*

Michelle: Homecoming by Kate Morton – Australian cover

Recommendations for each other

Caitlin: We Could Be Something by Will Kostakis

Michelle: Factory Girls by Michelle Gallen

Worth the Hype

Caitlin: One Love by Matt Cain* (our interview)

Michelle: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

2024 books on our radar (by authors not previously read)


  • Caledonian Road by Andrew O’Hagan
  • The List of Suspicious Things by Jennie Godfrey
  • The Lonely Hearts Quiz League by Lauren Farnsworth


  • Go Lightly by Brydie Lee Kennedy
  • Sisterhood by Cathy Kelly
  • Just Friends by Gyan Yankovich

2024 books on our radar (by authors we love)


  • You Belong With Me by Mhairi McFarlane
  • The Lifeline by Libby Page
  • Crime of the Century by Hallie Rubenhold


  • So Fetch by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong
  • The Work by Bri Lee
  • Funny Story by Emily Henry



  • Abbott Elementary
  • Jury Duty
  • Miracle Workers


  • The Longest Shadow
  • The Boys
  • Funny Woman



  • Barbie
  • Air
  • What's Love Got to Do With It?


  • Barbie
  • Ford Vs Ferrari/Le Mans '66
  • Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget



  • And That's What You Missed
  • Synced
  • Cool Story


  • We Are History
  • All Killa No Filla
  • Oh What a Time (which Michelle totally forgot to actually mention on the podcast)

2023 was also the year Michelle released a two-part podcast/audio documentary with ABC's The History Listen. Listen to part one here and part two here.

Music – albums


  • The Good Witch by Maisie Peters
  • Snow Angel by Renee Rapp
  • Speak Now (Taylor's Version)


  • The Good Witch by Maisie Peters
  • You Signed Up for This by Maisie Peters
  • Autumn Variations by Ed Sheeran

Music – Songs


  • BSC by Maisie Peters
  • Talk Too Much by Renee Rapp
  • Electric Touch by Taylor Swift ft Fall Out Boy


  • I'm Trying (Not Friends) by Maisie Peters
  • Positive Spin by Gretta Ray
  • Amazing by Ed Sheeran

Books and other things mentioned

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