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Teenage male friendships, all-boys schools and peak-2000s culture with Rhiannon Wilde

Episode Summary

Rhiannon Wilde is a teacher whose touching debut young adult novel Henry Hamlet's Heart explores male relationships in all their forms. In this interview, we gush about our love for Henry and hear how he came to life as Rhiannon wrote. We chat about peak 2000s culture and why the book is set in 2008, why all-boys schools feel 'off limits' and how Rhiannon's experience as a teacher influenced her writing. In the introduction. Michelle and Caitlin discuss This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron. If you want to skip this, the interview starts at 10 minutes.

Episode Notes

Rhiannon Wilde has been telling stories for as long as she can remember - inside her head but also as a journalist and high school English teacher in Brisbane. Her short story inspired by urban Brisbane, You Deserve Nothing, was longlisted for the Queensland Young Writer’s Award in 2014. But in this episode, we will be discussing her debut young adult novel, Henry Hamlet’s Heart. This beautiful story won the Queensland Literary Awards Glendower Award for an Emerging Queensland Writer in 2019 and has just been published. 

Our interview begins at 10 minutes. 

Mini book club: This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron

We enjoyed this fascinating contemporary fantasy novel about a girl with the power to control the natural world, and survive the deadliest poisons. This Poison Heart weaves Greek mythology with a compelling and exciting magical story that kept us hooked from start to finish. 

You can listen to our chat with Kalynn in season 5. 

*Note: We received review copies of this book from Bloomsbury Publishing. 

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*Note: We both received PR copies of Henry Hamlet's Heart from UQP Books.